Hi there, we’re looking for someone that will connect with the press and influencers. Someone with their own PR or SM business or to work as an independent contractor or freelance.

Job Details:

  • Send stories about Broth Bomb to journalists along with affiliate offers.
  • Email social media influencers with affiliate and sponsored offers.
  • Email food reposting pages and other #asmr #satisfying type pages with affiliate commission offers.
  • Issue press releases
  • Network for TV and radio interviews for Co-founder, Andrew.

We’ll make videos to be shared with your outreach that will help improve results.

We’ve been featured in affiliate articles on Food Network, Taste of Home, and a few local news networks with great results.


It’s a sales and commission based offer: 10% of sales generated.

As a small business with big potential, we’re looking for capital/investment. If you’d prefer to work for equity that option is available. Let us know when you apply.

Tagged as: marketing, media, sales, social media

About Broth Bomb LLC

We make seasoning mixes that fizz when added to bean and veggie stews. Funded on Kickstarter and featured on Food Network.

This is an amazing opportunity to join a company that will become an international household name in the coming years.

We're vegan, disability, and LGBTQ+ owned business. We are pledging a portion of profits to help reduce the food desert phenomenon and for multi-cultural charities.

Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Laurent, was previously a consultant for restaurants. After becoming disabled he had to transform his life. Those experiences led to him cooking easy one-pot vegan meals at home for 9 years. Now with Broth Bomb, we hope to show others how to easily and happily cook bean stews at home.

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