Hi there, I’m Samyukta, the Founder of Yume Culinary – the first ever online vegan culinary school in India! I am looking for brand ambassadors / lead generators who will help grow our customer base. I will look to work with freelancers or social media influencers. You help market my online courses, be it through word of mouth or via your social media channels, and earn a 30% commission every time somebody you refer enrolls in a course. Take a look at the prices of our available online courses to get a sense of the earning potential.

Please note: This is a commission-based role. You can make as much money as you want, or as little as you want. It depends on how many successful leads you generate!

To apply, please email me a letter of intent, along with any queries you might have.

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About Yume Culinary

Vegan culinary academy, offering online self-paced courses led by plant-based chef Samyukta Kartik. On a mission to educate and inspire thousands of people around the world to learn how to cook delicious, inexpensive, and innovative food entirely with plants.

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