We are looking for a  full-time Operations Supervisor to support us with all aspects of our business. You will support us to deliver a high-quality cuisine, develop our brand experience and motivate our staff to provide excellent customer service.

The Operations Supervisor essential responsibilities will include implementing cost control measures, strategies to enhance our profitability and ensure the vision, goals and ethos of the business are maintained. You will ensure an efficient Eatery operation, as well as maintain productivity, quality and customer-service standards.

As we are a small Eatery, we will require you to use your professional experience in both front and back of house. We would require you to work closely with our Senior Chef to ensure that all aspects of our catering operations are delivered to a high standard and making sure we comply with health and safety regulations.  We will expect you to manage all front of house operations, overseeing all dining experience and check-in with customers to ensure we are meeting their expectations.

You will be involved in the recruitment of staff for back of house and front of house. Ensuring that staff are trained to a high standard is an important part of our business.  You will play a major role in ensuring that staff training is carried out with new recruits and refresher courses provided to existing staff when required.

Your support and expertise will be required on our marketing campaigns, support us with creative ideas and initiatives to build brand awareness, broaden our online presence and create collaborations.

We will expect you to lead by example and uplift our staff during busy moments in our fast-paced environment. Ultimately, you will ensure the eatery runs smoothly and customers have a pleasant dining experience.


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About The Guava Kitchen

The Guava Kitchen is a vegan eatery providing a welcoming atmosphere with a fine dining twist. Our tropical vegan eatery is located in the heart of Forest Hill, South East London, 2 minutes from Forest Hill Station.We serve a range of breakfasts, brunches, main courses, sweet treats, fresh juices, teas and coffees. We are open daily and deliver a dine-in and takeaway service. Our food is lovingly prepared to be good for the body and the taste buds! We have a lovely team and equally lovely customers!

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