The fundraising manager will be remote and on a freelance employment status (paid monthly). The ideal candidate is well-written, committed, reliable, and fluent in English. You do NOT need to be Indonesian/live in Indonesia to apply,

TASKS  (don’t worry, our managers and advisory team will train and help you every step of the way!)

– Actively look for corporate sponsors
– Develop a monthly membership for consistent donors
– Maintain and grow SAS Virtual Adoptions program
– Maintain and develop SAS Community Engagement to maintain and increase visibility
– Complete grants reports
– Provide documents for the Yayasan / Company set-up in liaison with the Law office in Bali (DDC Law Firm)
– Maintain Donorbox + Paypal + Pledges accounts
– Develop and execute periodic, thematic campaigns
– Suggest and/or perform website updates
– Support the other managers

We are in dire need for a new fundraising manager so please share and spread the word! If you are interested, PLEASE EMAIL HELLO@SEHATIANIMALSANCTUARY.ORG for the full job description. Further application materials for shortlisted candidates will include your CV, interview, and brief writing task.

About Sehati Animal Sanctuary

Sehati Animal Sanctuary is the first farmed animal sanctuary in Indonesia which provides a loving haven to animals rescued from needless exploitation, violence, and slaughter. It currently is home to over 300 rescued animals. The sanctuary supports human-animal bonding and serves to educate the public about animal rights in order to reduce worldwide animal suffering.

Sehati Animal Sanctuary was founded by Loong and Sing in 2017 after they witnessed a pig being slaughtered at a wet market. They were so distressed by the experience they immediately sprang into action. They became vegan, bought a plot of land, and put all of their time, resources, and love into making a home for rescued animals, completely free from exploitation.

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