The Warehouse Cafe is located in Digbeth, and has been operating as a worker owned vegan cafe/bar co-operative since we opened in 2019. Our business has grown steadily since then which means we are able to offer a position to a new member!
We are excited to hear from vegan chefs who are experienced, happy with coming up with new menu items and competent to be on their own in the kitchen. This is a permanent role and we are looking for someone who is keen to get involved in and support the development of our growing co-operative.

As a fully mutual co-op we have a flat management structure and like all of us the new member will be paid a minimum wage. We would like applicants to know we currently have . Very flexible with hours (within the days we are open) Part-time or Full-time.

Because we are a worker co-operative we have no managers and instead all take ownership of the business. This means that any new member will need to be someone who is happy to take on challenges and tasks without being asked to do so and who is comfortable making important decisions as a group.

If you’re applying for the job, please note that this is essentially an application for membership of our cooperative. This means that in applying for a chef position you are equally applying to become a director and owner of the cooperative and with it the legal and financial responsibilities. But hey, no bosses!

We also have a strong environmental and socially responsible- left wing ethos. We’d like to encourage expressions of interest from non-male applicants and non-white people as we strive toward correcting the imbalance in the industry, especially chefs.

If you’re interested please send a cover letter letting us know who you are and why you’re interested in working with us along with your cv to digbethcoopcafe@protonmail.com

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About The Warehouse Cafe

vegan cafe/bar/event space. We are a workers cooperative working together with a non-hierarchical structure in the heart of digbeth, birmingham.

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