Animal Law Reform South Africa (ALRSA): Vacancy for CAGE FREE PROJECT COORDINATOR

ALRSA is the first and only dedicated animal law non-profit organisation in South Africa. It is a young organisation that seeks to utilise the law to advance the interests of animals, humans and the environment.

ALRSA is seeking a full-time “Cage Free Project Coordinator” to join our growing team and manage and undertake our Project entitled:

“Chicken Welfare Standards of the Companies Providing your Favourite Foods – Laying Down the Facts”.

The position is a contract position for a fixed 1-year term and is fully remote. The incumbent should be able to start in the final week of April or by 1 May 2022 at the latest. Such individual must be an outstanding candidate, aligned to the vision and mission of ALRSA and passionate about the protection of animals, social justice and environmental protection.

Legal protection for farmed animals is incredibly weak and underenforced, therefore companies are largely left to self-regulate through industry-set standards. In addition to the lack of proper regulation and enforcement, disclosure, reporting and compliance with other relevant laws applicable to animal agriculture are often overlooked and disregarded. This has devastating impacts for animals, humans and the environment. The public is generally unaware of the vast harms of intensive animal agriculture, and the lack of adequate regulation and oversight. In order for customers to be empowered to make ethical and informed choices, they need to be informed of where their food comes from, and what and how the suppliers of their favourite foods are doing to ensure the requisite compliance and care.

As legal reform is a long and difficult process, corporate accountability is a critical component to achieving improved animal welfare and has important consequences for people and the planet. This project falls under ALRSA’s “Accountability for Animal Welfare” Program which aims to inter alia compel more transparent practices; educate consumers; engage with relevant stakeholders and ensure accountability for both state and non-state actors.


The Project will incorporate various legal and policy aspects including animal, environmental, corporate, consumer protection, health, administrative, competition and other areas of law, as well as non-legal aspects. It will entail extensive research, writing, drafting and engagement with a number of different stakeholders.


·       Managing and leading the Project and all aspects thereof

·       Researching and distilling the key legal, policy, and industry standards pertaining to the welfare of farmed chickens in South Africa and how these standards compare to international standards

·       Researching and distilling the key legal, policy, and industry standards pertaining to related issues arising from animal agriculture, such as environmental, consumer protection, corporate law and various others in South Africa and how these standards compare to international standards

·       Reviewing issues around enforcement, monitoring, disclosure, reporting and compliance

·       Developing and drafting letters for different stakeholders and ongoing correspondence

·       Drafting requests for information to various stakeholders, including in terms of PAIA Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), among other avenues

·       Developing creative arguments and exploring legal and other avenues for corporate accountability applicable to industrialised animal agriculture, and chickens (egg-laying hens)

·       Acting as the spokesperson for the Project and engaging with the media and public where appropriate

·       Be responsible for donor reporting and complying with all donor requirements

·       Working on and managing social media and media engagements relevant to the Project across ALRSA’s existing platforms and exploring further platforms for engagement

·       Managing volunteers, researchers, students and other persons and groups applicable to the Project

·       Staying on the cutting edge of animal law and related developments particularly as it pertains to chickens, poultry and farmed animals

·       Making presentations to relevant stakeholders including at conferences, to government, in academic settings and otherwise

·       Reporting to, working with and attending regular meetings with the Executive Director and engaging with other key stakeholders

·       To the extent required, involvement with on other aspects of ALRSA’s work for farmed animals and corporate accountability

·       Other duties typical to a project manager in a role of this nature


·       An LLB or equivalent qualification

·       An advanced degree in law or a related discipline will be an advantage

·       A minimum of two years of experience in the legal/non-profit/ research or project management fields

·       Excellent research skills including legal research and the ability to consolidate and distill research into well-written reports and summary documents

·       Written communication skills including letter drafting and engaging with corporations and management and other relevant stakeholders

·       Experience in corporate law, corporate engagement and industry accountability are an advantage

·       Strong management, organisation, decision-making and leadership skills and experience

·       Ability to think about the law and policy as an instrument of social justice, to advance animal protection,  together with human rights and the well-being of the environment and to ensure accountability for state and non-state actors

·       The ability to engage with diverse audiences, including local communities and individuals, industry, the media, government, industry and business, students, lawyers and other stakeholders on issues that fall within the mandate and work of ALRSA

·       The incumbent must be a self-starter, who is able to work independently and under pressure

·       Ability to collaborate with other organisations and individuals in the relevant fields with strong interpersonal and relationship skills

·       Experience in areas such as some of the following: social justice, human rights, animal law, animal  welfare, animal advocacy, environmental law, constitutional law, administrative law, campaigning  and related areas

·          Admission as an attorney of the high court or as an advocate would be an advantage

Contact Amy P. Wilson on amywilson@animallawreform.org for further information about this role.


Applicants are invited to apply by sending your application via email to



Please submit:

1.      A detailed CV

2.      A covering letter motivating why you are interested in the position; why you have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience for  this position based on the requirements above; and your alignment with the vision and mission of ALRSA and, in particular, why you wish to work for an organization focused on law reform for animals

3.      Reference Letters from two references and contact details of a third

4.      A writing sample of approximately 10 – 25 pages (may include academic articles, pleadings or other legal documents or writing to illustrate applicant’s written abilities)

5.      Any other relevant supporting documents for consideration


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted to proceed to the second round which will include an interview. Animal Law Reform South Africa reserves the right  not to make an appointment and to verify all information provided by candidates.

The annual contract fee (based on a twelve-month period) is ZAR385,000 or ZAR32,000 per month (before deductions). There are no additional benefits.


We strongly encourage applications from applicants of diverse backgrounds who represent the demographics of South Africa and Africa. Foreign applicants will be considered but knowledge of the South African legal system and applicable laws and policies is essential for this role


CLOSING DATE for applications: 15 April 2022

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About Animal Law Reform South Africa

Animal Law Reform South Africa (ALRSA) is the first dedicated animal law nonprofit organisation in South Africa, and one of the first in Africa.

We envisage a society whose laws, courts and enforcement agencies advance the protection and well-being of humans and non-human animals.
Utilising the law as our tool, we work on intersectional issues to ensure justice for all who require it.
We work to achieve incremental change for vulnerable beings and ensure that their interests are accounted for in the legal system.

We work through three main pillars:

Animal Wellbeing | Law | Social Justice

We focus on a few key areas that we believe will bring about the most change. These focus areas include:

1. Legislative and Policy Reform
2. Litigation and Legal Services
3. Education and Research

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