We are vegans facilitating the discovery of vegan employment and vegan team members by offering free job and resume listings (including volunteer and internship positions) to all vegan oriented businesses and individuals. Additionally, VeganJobs.com aggregates vegan job listings from other job platforms using custom filters we have developed to help ensure only vegan jobs are listed, as well as us personally importing vegan oriented jobs we locate.

Not only are vegan employees inclined to share the same drive and goals of the job creator, they don’t spend their income commissioning the suffering of animals for food, clothing and entertainment.

Please note that companies who wish to post jobs need to offer exclusively vegan products. For example a restaurant that offers vegetarian menu items (eggs, dairy) would not be considered a vegan establishment and should not post jobs; as shouldn’t a cosmetics or clothing company that offers a vegan line but also offers a non-vegan. Animal sanctuaries should be promoting a vegan message to the public. If you are unsure or have a unique situation please contact our friendly team! Similarly, we request that job seekers who post resumes or apply to jobs through our website be vegan as well.

Vegan businesses, both for profit and non-profit, are undoubtedly essential to furthering a vegan world: displacing the systemic economic status-quo and inspiring people to go vegan!

We are excited about offering additional features to the site in the future such as more easily customized vegan business listings as well as enhanced freelance listing options for candidates. Category and tags sorting options will be added to the search and listing functions after we more substantially grow our database of listings.

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