If you’re a vegan and you would like to choose a vocation that aligns with your ethics, there are a number of options for your educational and employment pursuits.

1) With the rise of vegan/plant-based startups and companies, there’s a growing number of emerging career paths that are in demand. Food science for example.

2) From restaurant management, chefs, marketing, event planning, attorneys, doctors, bookkeepers- there’s a growing demand for vegans that master these vocations to be hired by vegan companies and organizations.

3) Veterinary work, animal shelter and sanctuary work, and roles as an animal control/investigative officer offer front-line but challenging avenues.

4) A successful career in work that is not necessarily vegan oriented should not be out of the question. If you have the drive and opportunity to choose a high paying job, you might effect more change if you donate part of your income to causes or side-projects that advance street-level and online vegan educational outreach projects.