About Animal Law Reform South Africa

Animal Law Reform South Africa (ALRSA) is the first dedicated animal law nonprofit organisation in South Africa, and one of the first in Africa.

We envisage a society whose laws, courts and enforcement agencies advance the protection and well-being of humans and non-human animals.
Utilising the law as our tool, we work on intersectional issues to ensure justice for all who require it.
We work to achieve incremental change for vulnerable beings and ensure that their interests are accounted for in the legal system.

We work through three main pillars:

Animal Wellbeing | Law | Social Justice

We focus on a few key areas that we believe will bring about the most change. These focus areas include:

1. Legislative and Policy Reform
2. Litigation and Legal Services
3. Education and Research

  • Executive Director, Lawyer

    Animal Law Reform South Africa Compassionate legal professionals promoting justice and protection for animals, humans and the environment.
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    • Posted 8 months ago
    • April 9, 2021