About BioMania

BioMania has two F&B outlets in Bol, Island Brač, Croatia. First outlet is located on one of the most famous European beaches "Zlatni rat" and it's structured as a street food concept. Second outlet is located in a town center, BioMania bistro.

Both places offer organic, mostly local and seasonal, vegan food and beverages.  Our commitment goes beyond serving delicious meals; it extends to reshaping the dinning scene to nourish sustainability, healthy choices, and responsible entrepreneurship. 


  • Bartender/barista & Kitchen assistant

    BioMania Organic, Local, Seasonal, Plant Based
    • Posted 3 months ago
    • Full Time
    • Position Filled/Closed
    • April 30, 2024
  • Internship – organic garden and sustainable restaurant on Island Brač

    BioMania Organic garden
    • Posted 5 months ago
    • Internship
    • Position Filled/Closed
    • March 31, 2024