About Linnaean

Showcasing sustainability, seasonality, zero waste and an innate understanding of nutrition at every stage, each ingredient used by our head chef and his creative team in the Linnaean kitchen is treated with utmost respect and cooked or utilised in a way which shows it at its best.

Our restaurant endeavours to nourish its guests in a deeper way than simply with sustenance. We use local and global ingredients sourced for both their excellent taste and health benefits. Our plant-rich menu changes with the seasons. We devised the menu to offer a great breadth of choice to suit vegan, flexitarian, gluten-free and dairy-free dining preferences.

A plant-led menu, the offering at Linnaean provides a perfect balance between plant based and clean dining, and prides itself on an inclusive approach that provides a delicious experience for all. As with every element of Linnaean’s approach to beauty and wellness, we use an artisanal approach such as fermented macrobiotic cooking that aids gut health and explores Linnaean’s deep connection to nature.