About Mahikul Trust and Conservation Centre

Founded by Mohit Garg, a McKinsey & Company alumnus, Mahikul Trust aims to develop an excellence centre to fight climate change. Based on the principles of VZL = Veganism, zero waste and local, less, the trust will work in the areas of conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Following are the areas of work:
Love forests? Concerned about environmental degradation? Do not suffer alone - join me in an upcoming, large reforestation program and a refreshing lifestyle of living near forests! We will avail the help of media, celebrities and community to influence the politicians and businessmen and put them into action to save forests - one area at a time!
Core activity – Reforestation and conservation:

1. Forest expansion and conservation: Buy land banks near existing reserved forests to expand the forests, conduct and facilitate conservation research

2. Waste management: Enforce plastic waste management in collaboration with the government and work on gradual elimination of plastics from the area by promoting local, unpackaged products

3. Conservation advocacy: Augment rural school education, develop P1 Team comprising of celebrity conservationists and vegans for doing advocacy for keeping forests intact, ending animal farming by engaging with India’s leading journalists, politicians, and businessmen

  • Program Officer – Conservation Center at Corbett National Park

    Mahikul Trust and Conservation Centre Reforestation
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