About Naturhotel aufatmen

Aufatmen is a small nature based VEGAN hotel situated in Leutasch / Tirol - Austria

We are a small family operated hotel with 30 beds .
We employ a cook, a kitchen assistant, two room maids and a yoga and massage employee - that's it.

With this TEAM we gain 2022 the award as "most veganfriendly hotel in Austria" from the austrian vegan society (www.vegan.at) - and for that the whole team is pretty proud of it!

What is aufatmen??

A place to BE

To breathe a sigh of relief is to arrive.

Arrive in a nature hotel where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur and nature is omnipresent in every corner.

This is made possible by an unusual architectural concept that combines clear forms with natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. And a spirit that is palpable in its openness and diversity.


Forget TIME

Hidden corners and retreats can be discovered in the aufatmen and lose yourself completely in the moment. Especially the reading room with a view of the Leutasch mountain meadows or the cozy fireplace lounge - a symbol of warmth and security - inspire guests and invite them to linger.



The first guest in the sheltered inner courtyard garden to breathe a sigh of relief is the morning sun.

Because when it bursts out from behind the mountain peaks with its warming rays and bathes the hotel's BIO bathing pond in golden light, it is also the best moment for guests to take a plunge into the cool water and dive in. Invigorating. Refreshing.


YOGA and being with yourself

The yoga room unites all senses. Light - for insight. Nature - for feeling and sound for the soul. Floor-to-ceiling windows transfer the outside in, and natural materials like larch wood and stone ground and warm. A colorful variety of workshops and retreats invites you to find yourself, in harmony with body, mind and soul. Simply beneficial and incredibly inspiring.


Light. For insight. Nature. For feeling. And sound. For the soul. Our yoga room unites all the senses. Floor-to-ceiling windows transmit the outside to the inside. And bring light. Natural materials, such as larch wood and stone, ground and warm. And the scent of herbs invigorates. All in all: energy. For life.


Vegetarian & VEGAN

Vegetarian and vegan dishes, fresh, creative and lateral thinking. At aufatmen, traditional Tyrolean dishes are reinterpreted and refined with a pinch from the big wide world - the spices. This creates culinary temptations, exciting and varied with regional vegetables and fresh herbs.



Every house needs people who animate it. Who fill it with life with their ideas and visions.

At aufatmen this is Maria and Wolfgang. From the Lärchenstube, where Maria serves her famous gourmet breakfast, to the new Zirben chalets, the two have designed every room and every room individually. And thus made the aufatmen a nature hotel, where arriving is more like coming home.


  • Vegan Chef / Cook

    Naturhotel aufatmen Working TOGETHER is our paradigma
    • Posted 1 year ago
    • Full Time
    • Position Filled/Closed
    • March 18, 2023
  • Kitchen Assistant

    Naturhotel aufatmen Working TOGETHER is our paradigma
    • Posted 1 year ago
    • Full Time
    • Position Filled/Closed
    • April 12, 2023