About New England VegFest

VegFest is about creating veg-friendly communities. This requires making changes at multiple levels. VegFest seeks to make the greatest possible impact by using multiple strategies, as follows:

  • Providing inspiration and resources to help people learn about and try plant-based food
  • Creating systemic changes to increase plant-based offerings at events and places
  • Enabling people to gather to celebrate plant-based living and connect with others
  • Building capacity in the local farm animal protection movement

We also believe that we are strongest when we work together, and we actively seek out collaborations with veg-friendly companies, non-profits, and other groups in order to expand our collective reach.

These strategies all intersect within our flagship program, the New England VegFest, an amazing day that brings together people interested in plant-based living to celebrate vegan food and causes. Our primarily all-volunteer run event typically brings out 5k~10k attendees from the community, including local and national speakers, authors, entertainers, businesses, and products. Join us as a volunteer to be a part of our team!

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    New England VegFest Volunteers Needed for Vegan Festival!
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    • May 16, 2023