About Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge

Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit farmed animal sanctuary situated on the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Middle Tennessee. We are a forever home to nearly 200 rescued animals, including 185 pigs.

Our Mission is to provide lifelong sanctuary care to vulnerable animals and educate to inspire compassionate living. This mission propels us toward Our Vision: a world where all species are valued and protected.

Odd Man Inn provides 100% donor-funded animal services, including:

  • Intake of vulnerable animals in need of safety
  • Professional veterinary care for all animal residents
  • Species-appropriate nutrition, housing, and healthcare
  • Continual advocacy for improved relationships between humans and non-human animals
  • Wildlife conservation and protection
  • Facilities and Maintenance Crew

    Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge
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