About Pargaard

We are a new Vegan and Ethical and Danish clothing brand on a mission. We had a problem finding elegant, vegan and earth statement T-shirts. If we found a T-shirt we liked, it was never truly ethically made or vegan certified.

That is why we carefully designed 4 styles, to the elegant, vegan and ethicallly conscious women out there.

All our T-shirts are certified vegan with PETA approval, made from 100% certified GOTS organic cotton, produced under fair wear conditions.

Our screenprint is made to last and printed with the most eco-friendly water-based vegan ink out there.

By making sure our production is kind to our planet and the lives on it, we believe we are on the right path.

We dream about saving the world and we aim for our T-shirts to start up conversations about being vegan and making earth-friendly choices in life.

When you share why you made these choices, it affects people and spread like ripples.

When you know better, you do better - more awareness and more knowledge leads to better choices in all matters and if we all made better choices for all of us, well that could change the world.

As we grow we will expand with more apparel and lifestyle products. The vision is to grow big so that we can take part in kind projects around the world & expand the world with better choices.

"Better Choices in all matters"

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