About Pingala Cafe

Pingala Cafe is a warm, welcoming place that serves up food truck inspired cuisine & culture, and, it just so happens to be one of the most magical places on earth. At Pingala, we have an inside-out approach to everything we do; It's not the food we make, it's why we make it. It's not the ingredients we use, it's the ingredients we don't use. And it's not to turn everybody vegan, It's to make vegan food fun, delicious, and approachable. Having said that, most of us here at Pingala believe that veganism is an extremely liberating, thriving, and enjoyable lifestyle that can work for everyone. Our operation is a labor of love.
We are on a mission to turn you on through the super tasty food we make. Because together we can help change the world in a positive way. By chowing down on more food like the food we make and less food like the food the other guys make, we are seriously reducing your carbon footprint every time you eat. Which might be a lot if you're like me.

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