About Pipoca

Founded in 2018, Pipoca is a zero waste and 100% vegan store, deli, and café located in the Stockwell/Brixton area. Our mission is to promote sustainability, create awareness, and provide healthier, guilt-free products.

Our Purpose

In recent decades, the world’s population has grown significantly, leading to increased consumerism of animal products, plastic goods, and chemicals used in bleaching and dyeing. This large-scale consumption is unsustainable, causing severe harm to our planet and endangering many species in their natural habitats.

Our Commitment

At Pipoca, we believe in acting quickly to prevent irreversible damage and contamination to our environment. We offer sustainable alternatives that help reduce waste and promote a healthier lifestyle. By choosing our products, you support a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical way of living.

Join us in making a difference, one conscious choice at a time.

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    PIPOCA VEGAN Vegan creperie, restaurant, deli and shop
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    • July 3, 2024