About Reishi Plant Kitchen

At Reishi Plant Kitchen, we want to move away from the mainstream fast food offering you find in most vegan restaurants & cafes across the world. We want to bring a modern, contemporary dining experience to our guests, with ever changing seasonal menus. Reishi kitchen offers international cuisine with fresh, vibrant flavours and beautifully presented dishes. We believe the way we eat is changing & vegan diets are only going to keep growing as people become more aware of the damage to innocent beings, ourselves and the planet that our dinner choices can create. Expect to feel truly looked after & completely relaxed in the ambience of Reishi, with our thoughtful, experienced front of house team going above & beyond to make all guests welcome. We have the bonus of being above the Lamb & Flag bar, who provide their legendary drinks upstairs for us and showcase many local talents with live music Friday - Sunday, most weekends!

We are only 7 months old, so our team is small, but super flexible & friendly. We work hard to maintain high standards, but have fun whilst doing so and don't take ourselves too seriously!