About Sober Rave Fest

The Sober Rave Fest is part of the Awaken Festival which focuses primarily on Sobriety through Music, Dance & Spirituality (veganism playing a major part.)

Sober Raving & Conscious Clubbing are becoming more popular year on year and our Sober Rave Festival is heavily influenced by the whole concept of Veganism. All the food provided at our festival is Vegan as " no meat etc " is very much part of our company ethos.

Veganism and Conscious clubbing go hand in hand with one complimenting the other. Sober Raves, are certainly becoming the real alternative for disillusioned clubbers and clubbers who do not need a substance to have a great time. Then again, who likes being surrounded by others who do use alcohol or drugs.

One of the key goals for the Sober Rave Fest team is to introduce as many people as possible to the real advantages of being vegan and how it can help both themselves and the planet.

  • UK Based Festival Organiser in the Conscious Clubbing / Vegan Space.

    Sober Rave Fest The Sober Rave Fest South England 6th - 8th Sept 2019
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    Sober Rave Fest
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