About Vegan and Animal Rights Conference

The Vegan and Animal Rights Conference will take place in the UK and bring together advocates with varying levels of experience to learn and connect. This will be an opportunity to build the capacity of the UK movement, create unity and to platform strategies from a variety of different theories of change. The first conference will take place in spring 2024 with 300 people in attendance, with the aim to grow to 500 in the following year.

There is growing interest in veganism and the vegan diet. Currently there is no event spaces that really centre vegan and animal advocacy. The nearest conferences are the CARE conference in Poland and IARC (International Animal Rights Conference) in Luxembourg. We need an event that tackles our unique challenges and context, especially since leaving the EU.

  • Photographer or/and Videographer

    Vegan and Animal Rights Conference Conference for people within the Vegan and Animal Rights community to connect, share ideas and feel inspired.
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    • Posted 2 months ago
    • March 21, 2024