About Vegan Investing Club, Inc.

Vegan Investing Club is free to join. With 20,000 members we've helped 10 companies raise funds by announcing their Crowdfunds to members.

Are you the person to help accelerate the vegan economy by reaching 200,000 members, then 1,000,000 ... ????

With common cause we come together to boost the Vegan economy. We do this by backing Vegan companies beginning at $100. About once a month the founder invests in an exciting Vegan startup through their Crowdfunding and announces it to members. Members link to the Crowdfund Portal to see the offering info and make their own decision, or they ignore that company. Members diversify by investing small amounts in many vegan companies to accelerate the vegan economy.

  • Generate Traffic to vegan Crowdfund offerings

    Vegan Investing Club, Inc. Bring Vegans together to back smart Vegan companies starting at $100, boost the Vegan economy with a chance for a profit.
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