About VeggAtHome


Through the digital collaborative and circular economy, our mission is to connect people through unforgettable vegetarian experiences around the world, generating income for the host families, encouraging the consumption of organic food produced by local farmers and donating directly to animal, socio-environmental and scientific organizations, collectives and movements that help regenerate the planet.

We encourage social entrepreneurship by giving support through scholarships in gastronomic education to vulnerable groups from all ethnicities, victims of gender violence, single mothers, refugees, LGBTIQ+ and victims of human trafficking.

We are the first collaborative economy platform of the vegetarian community in the world, with the main focus of donating 20% of the profits to NGOs, projects, animal sanctuaries, collectives and environmental and social movements suggested by our members.

In addition, we encourage the consumption of food produced through organic farming, we support people in their dietetic transitions and generate income for cooks, chefs, nutritionists, families & vegetarians who like to cook and host people.

In the creation of VeggAtHome we’ve kept in mind to fulfill and promote at least seven Global Goals for 2030.

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