About We The Free

We The Free (WTF) are a vegan advocacy organization specializing in highly effective street outreach events, we have 125 teams in over 20 countries worldwide, educating people on the truth of animal agriculture and inspiring people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. In particular, the WTF 3 minute movie challenge is a gamechanger in the street advocacy scene.

On top of that, here are 3 of the things that make WTF a great organization to be a part of:

  1. Imagine knowing how many people watch Dominion or Seaspiracy as a result of your activism. We use data and analytics to guide our activism to be as impactful as possible; by collecting data using our MyStats dashboard we know how many people take steps towards veganism, and we adjust our strategy depending on the best research and data available to us.
  2. We prioritize building supportive & resilient communities, and all WTF teams regularly host community building activities, which might include volunteer days at vegan sanctuaries, fundraisers, beach cleanups, or social events like games nights and potlucks. By investing in our communities, we can grow our movement and invest in our sustainability while supporting worthwhile causes.
  3. We invest in our communities by sourcing professional trainings and delivering them for free to our movement, including sustainable activism, leadership skills, communication training, conflict resolution, and more!
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    We The Free We The Free (WTF) are a global network of over 6000 vegan advocates, we specialize in impactful street outreach events and online activism.
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