Manage Your Resumes

Here you can Add or Edit or Hide the resume/profile that is included in the public resume database and which can be attached to applications. Certain information is only available to verified employers and this is noted in detail.

Why can you create more than 1 resume? Please take note that although our system supports more than 1 resume per Candidate, we ask you only have 1 resume active (published) with rare exception. We have enabled more than 1 resume as a possibility in case you need to work on one that’s hidden while another is public. Perhaps you have one resume to keep public when you are employed and another to switch to when you are seeking new employment. If you have a need for 2 resumes active (public) at anyone time, please email and ask permission first. Valid reasons would include a need to separate two different areas of profession, such as needing to dedicate one resume to your Artistic career and another to your work as an Attorney.