6prog has built the future of freelancing.

It’s faster and cheaper to use than agency and has multiple additional benefits

e.g. IR35, GDPR

We are ideally looking for developers who have an understanding of contract recruitment and SAAS based on an Azure framework.

Currently the code is knockout JS though we are looking at V2 primarily for this role.

We require app developers (prob Xamarin)

Pay will be sweat equity/ shares based.

So you may have read the above and are waiting for the part where I explain about the vegan element to this work. Essentially we do not make a vegan product or provide a vegan service. However, our core team comprises two life vegans, another with 40 years and one with twenty years veganism under their proverbial pleather belts. This means that company chat and get-togethers will not be at the horse races or the steakhouse. We will also be selective about what clients we choose to work with. So if you are looking for a business where the profits will increase the vegan pound then please connect with me.

Contact me for a demo and a conversation over Zoom / Skype / Teams  – I look forward to hearing from you.

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About 6prog [Six Prog Limited]

6prog has built the best way for contractors and freelancers to trade with business who need flexibly in their workforce.
Access to the right talent is increasing the biggest challenge for business.
The growth in independent contracting is fast and the 'heritage' recruitment business is not suitable for this new era.

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