Animal Rebellion & XR are going to occupy London from the 7th – 19th of October.

We’re going to use nonviolent direct action to demand a food system change.

Do you want to see a plant based environmentally conscious food system within the UK?

I know I do. I’ve worked as a plant-based chef and that feeling of joy when you introduce someone to the delights of plant-based food is incredible. Imagine if that was the case every day! Do you want to achieve that vision?

If you do, then join us. Fight for it with the skills you possess!

We’re looking for anyone who is confident and has experience knocking up meals for large numbers of people. You’ll work in a voluntary team of rebels within the Animal Rebellion camps in London. You’ll be keeping the morale of the rebels high by cooking up nutritious plant-based meals with whatever ingredients we can get our hands on. You’re able to choose how much time you’d like to contribute, whether you cook for a day or two weeks – every bean counts! We may be able to provide accommodation subject to availability.

To create change, we need to fuel a movement. Raw vegetables aren’t good enough, we need to provide a warm hug in a bowl every day for our rebels!

If you’re interested in fuelling the demand for system change, please contact: michaeloctoberfood@gmail.com (Include experience, availability and any information you think relevant within the message).

For planet, for people, for animals.

Thank you.

Please note that the spec above is a minimum request – we are delighted if you want to get more involved, do longer shifts or help in other ways like sourcing equipment & supplies!

Other roles will arise, like leading cooking sessions in field kitchens.

This is a role for people who DON’T want to be arrested.

Encourage your colleagues to sign up too!


My name is Connor. I have worked in the vegan catering industry for three years and I’ve decided to donate a large portion of my time towards this rebellion. The way I see it… We have one planet and one chance. I wish personal change was enough. I along with all the rebels in London are demanding a plant based food system. Would you like to see that world? Utilize your skills and get involved for a day, a week or the whole fortnight. We need you, the animals need you and our planet needs you! It’s a pleasure to meet you: https://www.instagram.com/p/B19Scydh38M/ 



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About Animal Rebellion

Animal Rebellion is a mass volunteer movement that uses methods of non-violent civil disobedience to end the animal agriculture and fishing industries, halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of climate breakdown and social collapse. In solidarity with Extinction Rebellion, Animal Rebellion will mobilise 10,000 animal advocates for a two-week rebellion in London, beginning October 7th. Sign up to volunteer now!

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