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Coordinate a training team to support ordinary, everyday people develop the knowledge and skills to be able to coordinate and campaign effectively in a way that’s aligned with the movement’s DNA and strategy.

 About the Role  

We believe that training and education is the foundation of people-powered organisations. These things help to spread ideas, empower people to realise their potential and give them the tools to take action effectively.

This role will be researching and understanding mass public education, political education and pedagogy to then use the best ideas in practice. Using your knowledge in these areas and with the help of others, you will then design and organise training in core areas such as our Theory of Change, nonviolent direct action, group organising, group culture, leadership development, etc. At the moment we are designing the “DNA” of the social movement (its values, practices, structure, strategy and more) and the trainings that you create will help to communicate these ideas to local groups and their members.

You will also be helping and guiding others to design and carry out their own training effectively. This role will be considering the training needs at the local level and national scale. To do this, you will need to build an effective system and team fit to train, educate, and empower many people.

 Who we are looking for  

  • Someone who can lead a team of people who are training local groups.
  • Ideally, you have past organising (structure-based organising[1]) and, ideally, training experience.
  • Someone who can communicate clearly and simply.
  • You are humble, courageous and love to see and support others to flourish.
  • Someone that believes that ordinary, everyday people are skilled, powerful and smart enough to make positive change.
  • You are willing to travel across the UK to deliver trainings (a drivers licence would be helpful).

 You will develop skills/knowledge in these areas 

  • Pedagogy (different approaches to education and learning)
  • Structure-based organising, both in theory and practice
  • Group facilitation

 Objective & Key Results  (KRs)  (12months)  

 Objective :

Train regional local organisers, and local group members so that they are able to coordinate effectively and maximise their campaigning impact.


  • Lead and coordinate a training team of members from across Animal Think Tank.
  • Design, pilot and implement a training curriculum for local groups based on our “DNA” (our values, practices, structure, strategy and more)
  • Design a curriculum for training people in national scale action.

 You shouldn’t take this role if …

  • You struggle to work with others;
  • You find teaching others difficult or frustrating;
  • You are ideological, dogmatic or purist about any organising methods;
  • You have trouble being self-directed;
  • You have trouble containing your emotions when in groups.

¹Structure-based organising. By this we mean the tradition of organising people into structures and networks that last and hold power. This would include, organising a constituency, a demographic of people (e.g race, class, faith), your local community behind an initiative. This also includes union organising work.

 How we pay

As a Social Movement Organisation (SMO), rather than NGO, we do things differently when it comes to compensation. We don’t offer salaries, and instead offer needs-based stipends of varying amounts to enable volunteers. Click here to see how our Volunteer Grants System works.


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About Animal Think Tank

Our Mission:

Animal Think Tank’s mission is to support the building of a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that has the power, resilience and longevity to ensure all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and the security of person protected in UK law and embraced by society. We aim to achieve this by organising and mobilising people to engage in constructive work and nonviolent civil disobedience. Alongside this, we aim to assist the strategic direction, capacity and innovation of the wider movement, seeding any needed organisations, and supporting the many others working towards Animal Freedom in their own diverse ways. Our main areas of work include: Movement Building and Unity; Anti-speciesism; Strategy; Narrative Framing; Organising Structures; Culture; Nonviolence; Leadership Development; and Training.

Our Story:

Launched in 2018, Animal Think Tank came together as a group of people determined to apply social movement theory and cutting edge strategy to build a broad-based movement for animal freedom.

Since launching, we’ve trained hundreds of changemakers through Movement Building workshops in the UK, US and Canada. We also launched Animal Rebellion, an ally to Extinction Rebellion, who are seeking to push the issue of animal farming and fishing into the environmental movement’s focus.

By 2022/23 we intend to scale into a large team of 20-30 people and launch a mass movement organisation for animal freedom.

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