AOOW is the only vegan animal sanctuary in Cambodia working towards animal rights!

We need someone like you so we can start growing our team and protecting animals in Siem Reap.


We are looking for a hard-working, animal-loving assistant shelter caretaker to learn the ropes of how to take care of animals in a rescue shelter.

The Assistant will be trained by our head Shelter Caretaker in how to take care of the animals feeding, cleaning, and socializing, as well as other jobs around the shelter.

Taking care of animals is much more than feeding them! A clean shelter is ESSENTIAL to ensuring the health of our 100+ rescued cats and dogs.

The Assistant will also learn some basics about taking care of fully-rehabilitated animals who have lifelong health issues, such as paralysis and PTSD.

When we have enough funding, we will re-start our community outreach program for medical animal emergencies with local poverty-stricken families. We also plan to conduct vaccination and sterilization community projects that will help achieve our core mission – to prevent animal suffering!


Some daily tasks may include:

+ Walking and socializing with the dogs and cats
+ Assisting with veterinary trips
+ Routine animal care, medication administration, flea/tick prevention, etc.
+ Bandaging and caring for our paralyzed/special needs animals
+ Feeding and watering the animals
+ Cleaning the enclosures and basic sanctuary maintenance for proper health standards
+ Establishing shelter procedures, maintaining biosecurity processes
+ Community outreach for poverty-stricken Cambodian families
+ Feeding abandoned pagoda cats and dogs
+ Manage volunteers when they visit the shelter


Job Requirements and Benefits:

5 working days per week (Monday – Friday)

4 to 6 working hours per day

$300 USD per month


Must have previous experience working with animals. Veterinary/vet tech experience preferred!

Must be able to communicate well in English

Must be an animal lover – that means ALL animals, not just cats and dogs!

Cannot be afraid of dogs or cats – we have 100+ and you will work with them every day

Must be able to commit to 3 to 6 months – training will be involved in the beginning

Should be able to ride a scooter or motorcycle – sometimes we need help going to the store

It is preferred if you have previous experience with animals, not just on a family house or far, but in a shelter environment, please include this in your application


For more info, please email aoow@animalsofourworld.co.uk

Thank you,

Co-Founders, Georgia and Billy


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About Animals of Our World

A UK-registered charity providing sanctuary to neglected animals in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We provide shelter to animals rescued from abuse, abandonment, or neglect.
We provide support to local Cambodian families whose animals need emergency medical attention that they can't provide themselves.
We provide animal rescues services, vaccination, and spay/neuter to the animals in our area who need it the most.

Animal care, community outreach for medical emergencies, rescue when medically necessary, rehabilitation, and rehoming/adoption are our main projects.

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