We are an established juice and smoothie manufacturer and supplier, working in collaboration with two of the UK’s largest global importers of juices, with decades of experience and contacts. We are launching a range of NFC juice lines for national food service and wholesale markets. We can also offer organic ranges, as we have significant experience in organic products. Packaging will be long-life in TETRA & PET, with glass and can options available.

Our USP brand is called “Jumpin Juice ORIGINS,” where each bottle and carton features the flag of the country of origin on the front and centre of the pack. We can promote where the juice and puree come from and aim to support local goodwill projects in these countries.

I need someone to help me with this new project and push it forward to launch and then manage ongoing operations. This role will start part-time, transitioning to full-time as we approach the launch phase.


  • Help push the project forward to launch.
  • Manage operations once the project is launched.


  • Pay to be agreed upon with the interested person, per hour and depending on their experience.

Application: Please WhatsApp me if possible: 07 977 1234 22

About the Founder: Jumpin Juice LTD is run by Ivor Lyons, a vegetarian for 15 years and now vegan for 12 years.

Thank you, Ivor Lyons

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About Jumpin Juice Ltd

Organic and conventional fruit and vegetable wholesaler and juice and smoothie and plant milk and ready meals manufacturer. www.jumpinjuice.co.uk

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