Work alongside a team of highly motivated, engaging crew members promoting Londoners to adopt a more healthier lifestyle be eating more plants.

You will be working in a bema pod alongside 2 other crew members responsible for re-heating, assembly and engagement with customers amongst the 3 of you.

We are looking primarily for full-time crew but can make exception and consider part-time crew if we like the candidate.

Our start-up is opening a few more pods across Central London in the next few months so ideally we are looking for candidates, who are happy to step-up and become managers of new pods.

Offer a pay of 9.25/ hour with 1/  hour as bonus depending on performance of the team as evaluated by the pod keeper.



Tagged as: food and hospitality, front of house

About BEMA

Grab and go food start-up in Central London that is 100% plant based and free from gluten, additives.
On a mission to make healthy choices easier for Londoners.

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