We’re looking for a motivated, mission-driven individual to join our team at Better Nature (based in London) over the summer! We’d like someone who is social media savvy, confident in their writing skills, a good photographer and up-to-date on the latest veggie/sustainability/health trends (although no professional experience is required in any of these areas!). The role will involve supporting our marketing lead in creating exciting and engaging content for our social media channels, as well as managing their own marketing projects where required, such as helping to run events and liaising with stakeholders.

If you (or anyone you know!) is looking for some experience in this area, in a dynamic, fast-paced environment in the world of veganism / sustainability, please get in touch with us on careers@betternaturefoods.co. We don’t need a cover letter/CV – please just outline which of the roles you’re interested in and why and what you could bring to it!

Tagged as: event management, marketing, social media

About Better Nature

At Better Nature, we’re all about tempeh - a plant based protein originating from Indonesia that we think is the next big meat alternative. Because of this, we're working to make it even more delicious, nutritious and sustainable and into lots of new, exciting products.

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