Resume Booster! Intern — Content Writer for BeVeg International and Jane Unchained News Network!
Interested in helping two vegan brands push content? Are you a journalism or pre-law student that wants internship credit and a resume builder? We have the perfect gig for you!

We need weekly SEO friendly articles submitted for publication. We need 1 article submitted every Tuesday for review. Articles should focus on vegan certification trends, other certified vegan companies by BeVeg, vegan trends with certification plugs. You should submit article topic ideas for approval before writing.

Perks. You will learn a lot about writing and SEO linking. You can potentially be paid per article in the future, as the business grows, and as you grow on us! For now, we are looking for a student or someone willing to learn with a passion for veganism.

Tagged as: social media, writing and editing

About BeVeg

An international organisation creating a global standard for veganism

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