Vegan Travel Agent/Operations Assistant

Our purpose is to provide people that inspires people to feel how great veganism really feels when multiple wellness factors are in place. Our team has experience in nutrition, yoga, breath work, chakra balancing, wholistic lifestyle principles such as earthing, positivity, meditation, running retreats, consulting retreat centers on quality and other things such as journalism and sales.

What we are seeking now is more people who enjoy organising and planning things to perfection or certainly to a great level. So, we are looking for someone to help us complete tasks efficiently and improve things in general for our company as they feel because we believe everybody have valuable things to contribute from their gifts and perspectives. If you are interested in optimised wellness this is obviously a big bonus, so some interest in healthy food and healthy activities is a requirement.

The travel agent/organisations manager reports to the business owner and immersion facilitators.

Bliss Immersions provides transformational vegan wellness journeys, including wholistic, vegan destination immersive wellness experiences around the world.

The successful Travel Agent/Operations Assistant will help grow opportunities for self-realization around the world by supporting the organization, communications, and execution of successful, transformative vegan immersions.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Plan and book retreats under the guidance of the business owner (We use WeTravel as a booking engine now)
  • Write and edit communications for marketing purposes
  • Write and edit communications to traveling clients
  • Organise information for clarity
  • Work with partners around the world to create a smooth and amazing travel and immersion experience
  • Use different online platforms and ensure smooth and timely transfer of information

It’s great if you come with ideas and contribute to furthering our vision. We want someone to accelerate the progress and who thinks creatively and implement ways to give even more people great experiences with a vegan lifestyle. We want you to think about: How can we give people the ultimate best vegan lifestyle experience and then we implement things step by step. We have many ideas and a plan and we are open to hearing your ideas as well.


  • Must be highly organised
  • Must have experience with travel and itinerary planning; travel agent experience preferred
  • Sales and marketing experience preferred

Work Environment:

This is a remote position done all online and occasionally by phone. You must have a workspace with reliable internet and that is conducive to work.

We also have an interest in hiring people with other abilities that they have trained and can add value with, so if you strongly resonate with the company, send us a message, because we might be interested in meeting with you at a later stage as we expand and hire other contributors.


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We provide transformational vegan journeys that inspires people to feel the benefits of real veganism.

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