Web developer and Web designer to implement improvements on website.

We are looking for a web developer and web designer who can implement improvements quick such as changing texts, pictures, adding Facebook pixels, adding privacy policy text, improve design, make web page more mobile responsive, change layout of page, put a Facebook pixel tracking sales on thank you page, create new websites and so on.

Hourly rate for implementations is 40 euro per hour. For bigger projects, we can discuss prices for higher hourly rate.

Work amount will vary depending upon number of clients Bliss Immersions work for at a time and how many improvements they require.
We only work with as positive companies as we can.

We are looking for excellent, positive people with the future of web experience in their fingertips, so we are looking for the best web developers and web designers in the world, and if the person is responsive and implements amazing design in an effective manner utilising tools, we can pay you more as is possible for each project.

Tagged as: design, web development

About Bliss Immersions

We provide transformational vegan journeys that inspire people to feel the benefits of real veganism. We also boost very positive companies who share our values.

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