Sales and Business Development Specialist


  • Initially, develop leads and make sales of current inventory to small food/grocery retailers.
  • Develop our organization’s reach into the larger market.
  • Researching, prospecting, and qualifying leads.
  • Attracting and acquiring new business, primarily new product buyers.
  • Closing sales, with the assistance of the CEO.
  • Account management and customer success management.
  • Demonstrating the product, handling prospect objections, and drafting contracts like purchase orders along with the CEO.


  • There are two options for compensation for this position. Either commission-based or through an owner-equity agreement; work in exchange for permanent ownership in the company.
  • Applicants must be able to possibly work until February 2021 without a salary.
  • This may also develop into a salaried position at that time; maybe sooner depending on investments.
  • The percent of the interest in the company will be based on prior experience and value of the company.
  • Percent equity in the company will vest (be given) monthly.
  • The dividends (profits) paid to equity partners (you) may not begin for one year or more.

This is a work from home position.  We can any questions you have relating to the equity agreement.

Looking forward to reading your resume!

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About Broth Bomb LLC

We make seasoning mixes that fizz when added to bean and veggie soups/stews. Funded on Kickstarter in 2019, just started manufacturing very recently.

We're looking for people who want to work for equity/ownership in the company; we will be able to provide salaries as soon as we attract a large investor. We are connected with some vegan investors, who are waiting for us to develop some new sales and inventory.

This is an amazing opportunity to gain ownership in a company that will become an international household name in the coming year.

We are pledging a portion of profits to help reduce the food desert phenomenon, for vegan activism, and for charities that represent the cultures that inspired some of our recipes.

The co-founder, Andrew, previously owned a restaurant delivery service working hand-in-hand with small culturally unique restaurants. The experiences that led to his style of cooking and ultimately this company were learned through cultural exchanges, not appropriation, as he showed dozens of restaurants how to better serve the American consumers.

He became physically disabled and transformed his life, which included becoming vegan. Those experiences and 8 years cooking plant-based easy meals at home, led to the development of this company. He's the current CEO of the company and is in need of a team of dedicated partners to take Broth Bomb to the next level.

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