Base Salary: $38,000 per year ($730.00 per week) with a quarterly bonus for COGS of $1000, plus a quarterly bonus of $1000 for Labor

Position Type: Full time/Salaried at 45 hours per week

Direct Supervisor: Sheree Walters

The Restaurant Manager is responsible for all daily operations at Cornbread Cafe including in house sales and catering. They will work to create a positive, safe, and enjoyable environment that will directly impact both the employee and guest experience. The Restaurant Manager will ensure excellent guest service and food quality, while maintaining a strong understanding of Cornbread’s mission and community engagement. They will schedule staff to meet guest needs and the monthly budget, as well as input financial numbers into the Daily Labor Budget sheet. These systems will allow them to monitor and adjust labor strategies on a daily basis. Conducting weekly inventory to ensure budgeted cost of goods is an important aspect of this position. The Restaurant Manager will ensure productivity and effectiveness through delegation and follow up with junior managers and line level staff.

Cornbread is switching to a quick service model instead of full service. The right candidate will join us before we reopen and hire back staff. We are looking for a commitment so we can can continue to grow, which in turn will further our cause and allow us to give and help on a much higher scale. Our goal is to franchise this new model. If you’re a hard-working, detail-oriented, compassionate human being and you would like to be part of our team and help Cornbread grow, please contact Sheree at info@cornbreadcafe.com.

Job Duties

– responsible for all aspects of operations
– maintain set budget
– approve/write all schedules based off budget
– oversee ordering/receiving and managing of product
– conduct weekly inventory
– maintain weekly and daily cleaning of premise
– ensure respectful communication between all staff
– employee evaluations
– employee corrective action
– maintain policies and procedures
– conduct regular meetings with junior management

About Cornbread Cafe

100% vegan southern comfort food restaurants housed in historic buldings. Our mission is to provide our staff and guests with a safe and welcoming environment that is inclusive to all. We fight daily for animal rights, social justice, and the environment. Cornbread is about community, and the fantastic food is a bonus.

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