I am the CEO  of CrazyRaw. We are a startup in the business of manufacturing raw vegan food, operating raw vegan restaurants, pantries etc. And, operating a vegan shoe & clothing store. (And, opening a Vegan Educational Centre.) Our business model is not based primarily on profit but on spreading veganism as an ethical lifestyle, one which intersects with all other oppressions such as racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, etc.. Traits such as ethics, transparency and quality are paramount in our business model. We currently have a 2000 ft.² facility and are opening a further 4300 ft.² facility.

We need someone proactive, vegan, creative and EXPIRIENCED. Someone to design the menus, assist with the food vision, staff, execute and stay ethical.

This job position is restricted to persons who live an ethical vegan lifestyle.

If you feel that you are the perfect person for this position, please let me know why

Thank you for reading this posting.

Dominika Synowiec

Tagged as: chef

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