We’re looking for a confident, friendly and intelligent salesperson who is comfortable in front of a camera to assist with our outbound virtual sales. You will also require a basic knowledge of digital marketing to be successful in this role.

This role will predominantly involve recording short videos on Loom sharing your screen and explaining any problems in a prospects website and social media presence, then briefly explaining how our digital marketing agency can help and how they can book a meeting with us. We will provide a combination of warm and cold leads and we will provide training on how to make these videos.

We need someone who is a fast learner and confident to execute the creation of these videos quickly and efficiently. Each video will be less than 5 minutes and we expect that it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes per prospect to review the website and make the video. The majority of the email follow up will be automated, but you may also have to cold call and/or take discovery calls.

As the “face of the business” to new prospects, it’s very important that you embody our values as an organisation.

Our three most important values are:

  1. Compassion – this is our most important value and we want this reflected in everything we do. This means compassion for animals, people and the environment and is reflected in our vegan focus, but it goes beyond that too. It also means we want to communicate compassionately with everyone, both inside and outside the organisation.
  2. Purpose – our drive is our passion for helping animals. We genuinely want to help all vegan businesses, including those that can’t afford to work with us. That’s why we offer free educational resources, for smaller businesses to implement themselves. As a business, we do need to consider financial growth to continue to maximize our impact, however our bottom line is the number of animals we can save.
  3. Progress – we want to drive the growth of not only our own business and our clients, but also the vegan sector as a whole. We want to progress to a world that’s free from animal exploitation and lead the way to a kinder and fairer world.

The hours will be approximately 5 to 10 per week. You can schedule these hours however you want and work entirely remotely from home. The pay will include both an hourly rate and a long-tail commission. The hourly rate is low to mid range and the commission is generous.

There may also be an opportunity for more hours in the future as we continue to scale and take on more clients. If this job sounds like the right fit for you, send through examples of your work in B2B sales, a brief video introducing yourself and explain how your values fit with our mission and why you think you would be the right fit for this position.

About Creative Compass

Creative Compass is a vegan internet marketing agency based in New Zealand with staff and clients all around the world.

We help vegan businesses and animal charities with search engine optimisation, social media marketing, search engine marketing and more.

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