The Facilities Associate is a 40 hour per week, residential position with Darrowby Farm Sanctuary. The Facilities Associate is in charge of maintaining living spaces and common spaces for DFS’s residents, for care and feeding of the residents, and for supporting and maintaining animal welfare.

The Facilities Associate position salary is $32-36K annually depending upon experience, with an additional small monthly stipend for health insurance. The Facilities Associate is also responsible for reliable upkeep of 216 N Mountain Rd, a three-bedroom single family home, the occupancy of which is dependent on employment at DFS.

The Facilities Associate will work alongside the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director to accomplish the following tasks:


–remove manure from paddocks and pastures daily

–remove manure from coops, stalls, barns, etc, daily

–keep water sources clean and full

–remove trash and unwanted materials to the transfer station

–make runs to feed stores when necessary

–make minor repair to facilities when needed

–make improvements to pastures and other living spaces

–remove snow when necessary

Care and Feeding:

–Understand the unique needs of specific animal types and breeds here at DFS

–feed and water all residents at appropriate feeding times

–administer medications, ointments, supplements at required times

–replace bedding regularly

–monitor for signs of illness or injury– limps, inappetence, wounds, bug bites, blisters, abscesses, thrush, etc.– and react immediately

–be available to assist during vet and farrier visits

–spend time with each resident brushing, patting, examining, and improving each resident’s quality of life daily

–keeping up to date with sanctuary animal care practices

Candidate Requirements:

–Previous animal care and/or tech experience is preferred, but not necessarily required if the above requirements can be successfully met. We do not prefer candidates who’ve worked in exploitative animal practices over those with little animal experience.

–Must have excellent animal observation skills and interest in animal behavior

–Must have a willingness to learn about best care practices and put resident welfare first in all work situations

–Must keep impeccable notes to use as a resource during their shifts, show a very strong motivation to work with an attention to detail, and follow instructions perfectly after proper training

–Must be able to precisely follow detailed instructions and ask questions as needed

–Must be able to perform strenuous physical activity throughout your shift, including repeatedly lifting 50lb. grain bags, hay bales, and water jugs

–Must be punctual, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, trainable, and able to communicate effectively and respectfully with team members and managers and respond to feedback in a constructive way

–Must have a positive attitude and willingness to work in a challenging environment

–Must have the ability to adapt to changing situations, including emergencies, as unexpected events are part of daily life at a sanctuary

–Must be physically (and mentally) able to perform all assigned tasks in any weather conditions, including harsh winter weather, summer heat, heavy rain, etc.

–Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, be able to drive a van and/or pickup

–Must have a cell phone in good order to communicate via. text or phone during shift

–Commitment to the mission of the organization and understanding of our vegan philosophy

This is a physically and emotionally demanding job. It does involve cuddling animals, but you will be tired and filthy at the end of every day. As the job includes rent-free housing, a two-to-four week probationary period will be required for any successful candidate. Housing is contingent upon employment at DFS and will be revoked upon termination of employment.

In order to best meet our mission and for the health and wellbeing of our animals, employees, and guests the sanctuary is a non-smoking and vegan environment.


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Darrowby Farm Sanctuary is a vegan farm animal sanctuary working to give lifelong homes to neglected and abused horses and farmed animals.

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