DxE’s Social Media team is looking for video editors who are experienced in, or willing to learn, Final Cut Pro and/or Premier. Time commitment is flexible.

Questions for Applicants:

-Describe your video editing experience. Please include 1-2 samples of your work.

-Do you have access to Final Cut Pro and/or Premier? If not, are you willing to subscribe to either? Both average at about $20/month.

-About how many hours a week are you available?

Tagged as: content creation, video production

About Direct Action Everywhere

DxE: Direct Action Everywhere is a grassroots network.

We will achieve revolutionary social and political change for animals in one generation.

We have a bold vision to change the world for animals in one human generation. We reject the speciesism that enables the mass torture and killing of nonhuman animals and the blatant disregard for their home - our planet - as well as the unjust and oppressive institutions and ideologies that harm all animals. Using our forty-year roadmap to animal liberation as a guide, we will end this violent system and create a world where all animals are viewed and treated with respect and have autonomy over their own bodies.

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