We are looking for one very independent person or 2 people for July and August 2024 to stay with us and supervise the animals 5 days a week.  The work itself is a minumum of 3 hours but you are expected to check on them on your working days and not to go out for more than 5 hours as a lot of the time, no one else will be there.  During this period you will also be expected to be available for emergencies as I will not be available (other volunteers will.)

Eden Sanctuary is a vegan, multispecies sanctuary which at the time of writing is home to over 50 individuals of 10 species who have come from horrible abuse, neglect and/ or near death.

Many of them have chronic health conditions such as cerebellar hypoplasia, asthma, missing limbs and severe trauma.  All of them are given the individual care they need to manage their conditions and live a happy and free life until whenever they are ready to leave this world. We are also currently develping a wellness aspect including yoga classes and meditation.

It is run by me, Nicole and we have a site coordinator, Marina we have limited volunteer help for the day to day routine.  I also work and no longer live at the sanctuary but you have constant access to me by whatsapp.  I will be going away next summer.   For that reason, applicants must be over 25, with experience of animals and preferably of off grid living, as this often comes up as one of the biggest challenges for people who have never experienced it.

To volunteer at the sanctuary you should have experience with animals and be resourceful and responsible.  You should not be afraid to get your hands dirty.  It is wonderful to work with them but can be dirty work and sometimes hard or heavy. The farm animals can also be boisterous. There is one animal that can be aggressive if not approached in the right way so ability to follow instructions is essential! Speaking spanish is a big advantage.

We can only accommodate two or three (very cosy!) volunteers at a time. No one else lives at the sanctuary, so you must be independent.  It is out in the countryside with not much surrounding so you should consider whether you might get lonely, scared or homesick during your trip when deciding whether to come. There is public transport but it is not as frequent as you might like.  For example, in the evening there can be two hours between buses and they stop quite early.



Accommodation is in a small stone house with just one room. It has a hot shower, WiFi, mezzanine with room for two.  It is off grid with limited energy so you must be sparing with the electricity.  Hairdryers etc can only be used with a generator.  You can charge your phones and there is good wifi, hot water, two gas rings and a camping fridgeIt is recommended that you hire a car or bike unless you like to spend a lot of time in the country on your own.


You will work with a volunteer or myself until you are comfortable and then you will be left to do the daily routine from 8.30 to 11 5 days per week and then do a 30 minute check and medicine round in the evening.

You then have free time which you can manage yourself but you should not leave the animals for more than 5 hours, just in case something happens.  You will do a general check in the evening (on the same 5 days you are timetabled for the morning)- time is not important.

You have 2 days per week free to do what you want. These days will differ from week to week.

While you are not ultimately responsible for the animals you should be responsible enough to not leave for more than 5 hours on your working days and to be able to respond in an emergency and call us- we will be there to take over within an hour at most.  You will be expected to keep in regular contact.

You will have emergency phone numbers in addition to mine and those of volunteers. We are always there for support if not in person.


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About Eden Sanctuary

Eden Sanctuary is a vegan animal sanctuary based in Mallorca, home for over 50 abused and neglected animals of 10 species.

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