The Role:

We are looking for a volunteer teammate who we will send our content to (drone footage, video, audio, photography) and they will create compelling videos for publication on vegan social media platforms and news shows.

The Content:

For Goodness Seyks is an organization that promotes veganism and makes the vegan lifestyle more accessible to people. Currently Brian and Seyka of For Goodness Seyks are on a 21 Country Vegan Voyage. They are reporting on a worldwide vegan news network with approximately 1,000,000 subscribers, they have a blog with 250 newsletter subscribers, an adventure Instagram with approximately 24,300 subscribers, a foodie instagram with approximately 7,000 subscribers, as well as a brand new YouTube channel.

We collect content in each country that has to do with:

– Interviewing the local vegan community

– Interviewing restaurant owners and managers

– Eating and showing off food, restaurants and vegan friendly hotels

– Country-specific adventures

– Cooking classes

What is in it for you:

+ Promotion of your video editing services (we can put your contact information at the end of each video with a shoutout that you edited the video).

+ Contribution to the vegan movement in a very meaningful way.

+ You grow as we grow. At this time we do not have funding but we are working on it. As we grow this into a larger show, you will have the opportunity to grow with us.

+ Work by your own schedule: As long as you are meeting deadlines you can work whatever hours fit your schedule.

Tagged as: advocacy and outreach, AV production, content creation

About For Goodness Seyks

For Goodness Seyks is promoting veganism and connecting the vegan community through news reporting, interviews, restaurant visits, cooking classes, adventuring, inspirational speaking, and more.

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