The Role:

We are looking for a volunteer teammate who we will send our content to (drone footage, video, audio, photography) and they will create compelling videos for publication on vegan social media platforms and news shows.

  • Create videos that match the style of the Vegan Voyage Series with content we’ve created from around the globe
  • Modify the YouTube channel to enhance the brand and bring in more views
  • Advise on YouTube promotion strategies to build the YouTube following

The Content:

For Goodness Seyks is an organization that promotes veganism and makes the vegan lifestyle more accessible to people. Brian and Seyka, of For Goodness Seyks, completed a 21 Country Vegan Voyage. They report on a worldwide vegan news network with approximately 1,000,000 subscribers, they have a blog with 550 newsletter subscribers, an adventure Instagram with approximately 24,000 subscribers, a foodie instagram with approximately 7,000 subscribers, as well as a brand new YouTube channel.

What is in it for you:

+ Promotion of your video editing services (we can put your contact information at the end of each video with a shoutout that you edited the video).

+ Contribution to the vegan movement in a very meaningful way.

+ Work by your own schedule: As long as you are meeting deadlines you can work whatever hours fit your schedule.

Tagged as: advocacy and outreach, AV production, content creation, social media

About For Goodness Seyks

For Goodness Seyks is promoting plant-based lifestyles, and connecting the vegan community through news reporting, interviews, restaurant visits, cooking classes, adventuring, inspirational speaking, and more.

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