We are looking for an independent person to volunteer with us from early May 2022 onwards. This will be an unpaid position but you will have somewhere to stay and food provided in return for helping us here. Experience with animal care on a sanctuary before would be great alongside organic gardening, building shelters, fencing outdoor spaces or at least the enthusiastic willingness to learn. We anticipate that we may have people staying for just a few weeks at a time or we may be lucky enough to find someone who ‘fits’ with us for a month or longer, the position is very flexible so there isn’t a closing date.

We are a small vegan, cruelty-free rescue only 30 animals but we need two people here so you would be joining one other 50+ year old (!) male who is vegan and has run the sanctuary with the person who is leaving, for over ten years. The sanctuary is very remote so if coming from the U.K or a country outside the U.K you would need a car or prepared to be happy living onsite and not have transport, not even a bus! There is a bike for exploring the local countryside and walks are plentiful.

Ideally you’d love your own company, wildlife, countryside, and of course our rescued animals and birds. It is a delightful, peaceful sanctuary especially so in the Spring and Summer.

We have turkeys, hens, sheep, goats, pigs, a dog, guinea pigs and rabbits plus loads of wildlife especially birds. We have a small lake that attracts lots of wildlife.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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A small vegan, cruelty-free  run animal rescue in Mid-Wales, U.K


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