We’re looking for new staff members (m/f/d) for our business administration, who can assist us in planning and organizing the company. You will be the personal assistant to our Chief Executive Officer and help us build, manage and take care of internal operations and processes in our office in Berlin.

Are you the type of person –
… who somehow gets involved in everything at your work ..
… who your old/current employer stresses about losing since you run half the business
… who it takes 2 full-time people to replace
… who feels like everyone is just lazy
… who lives and breathes email and mini-meetings
… who craves the feeling of inbox zero
… who only stops when its done

Then this position is for you. The goal of this paid trainee program is to select and hire you as the right hand of the executive office.

• Full time position
• Personal Assistant to our Chief Executive Officer
• All work is done 100% online but you’ll be working side by side with us in our office in Berlin
• You’ll be trained by the entire team Fritz
• You should have extensive organisational skills and attention to detail.

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About Fritz Horstmann

GameChanger is a Vegan Coaching company.
We help Vegans around the world to transform their body & health, so they can powerfully represent their value to the world.

Our business is growing real fast & I am searching for support to deliver an even more extraordinary experience for all the GameChangers and future world changers. ?
❗️BE CAREFUL, you may experience a feeling of fulfillment & joy you never experienced before helping vegans just like you finally feel good in their body.
If you love getting s*%t done FAST, have a positive and super friendly attitude, and love pushing yourself to grow more and faster, then apply to join us.
...Literally be a part of one of the fastest growing companies in the fitness industry ???
…have extraordinary room for GROWTH in your position (we are growing as a company quickly, so we’ll need people who want to keep growing widdusss) ?
…get EXCITED to jump out of bed every morning because you know you are making a massive DIFFERENCE working with us ??
…And have FUN every day (we laugh, dance, and play while changing the world.) ? ?
…then check out our positions!!

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