Job Title: Facilities Manager
Job Status: Full Time
Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director
Hours/Days:  Days of week may vary; subject to change anytime, required to work some holidays
Pay:   Commensurate with experience
Benefits:  Vacation and Insurance (Medical, Vision, & Dental)
Start Date:  As soon as possible

Job Description:  The Facilities Manager is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of all property associated with Full Circle Farm Sanctuary, as well as managing construction projects.  Properties include all infrastructure, vehicles, tools, and equipment owned or leased by FCFS. The Facilities Manager is involved in all aspects of maintenance and repair, security, janitorial services, snow removal, lawn care and any other facility issues that may arise, and includes hands on work, as well as, coordinating and overseeing of contractors.  The Facilities Director will always ensure the safety and well-being of the sanctuary’s animal residents and human staff in the performance of these duties. The Facilities Manager will work directly with the Executive Director and will interact and coordinate with the Animal Care Manager to make decisions related to the following tasks:

Job Duties

  • Performs modifications, maintenance and repair work on infrastructure, vehicles, tools, and equipment. This work includes but it is not limited to fixing fences, light fixtures, plumbing issues, doing carpentry work, mowing the lawn, maintaining the pastures.  Some may be hands on work, and other tasks may require engaging contractors.
  • Responsible for the complete oversight of FCFS property (infrastructure, vehicles, tools, and equipment).
  • Purchases necessary tools and equipment following responsible spending guidelines.
  • Responsible for all Vendor and Contractor coordination with all infrastructure, vehicles, tools, and equipment owned or leased by FCFS.
  • Acts as the general manager for sub-contractors on large projects, including but not limited to accountability, timeliness, work completion, quality of work, and respect for the animals.
  • Assists in transporting animal residents or incoming animal residents to and/or from the sanctuary.
  • Communicates any issues related to the sanctuary, including its staff and animal residents, to the Executive Director.
  • Conducts weekly perimeter checks to ensure that all enclosures, fences, barns, and aviaries are secured.
  • Ensures that property files are properly maintained and kept up to date.
  • Investigates incidents related to all FCFS property (infrastructure, vehicles, tools, and equipment) and coordinates insurance claims.
  • Plans and executes snow removal, lawn, pastures, and landscaping care.
  • Ensures long term maintenance is planned, coordinated and budgeted.
  • Leads in the production of monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including property condition statements, project/repair progress and vendor RFP’s.
  • Maintains a current contact list and other needed databases.
  • Maintains adequate inventory of all assets and contacts all vendors when maintenance is required.
  • Conducts monthly checks of all vehicles, tools, and equipment and alerts the Executive Director and/or Animal Care Manager of any issues.
  • Completes a written bi-annual inventory of all vehicles and equipment.
  • Ensures accuracy and compliance with contracts of all related invoices, in coordination with the Executive Director.
  • Provides detailed verification of all invoice amounts and information with approved work orders or contracts to the Executive Director.
  • Ensures proper coding on invoices.
  • Obtains estimates/bids for repairs of any of the sanctuary’s infrastructure, vehicles, tools, and equipment.  Makes recommendations on which bid to accept.
  • Maintains ponds at front and back of property.
  • Maintains sanctuary buildings, including lodge.
  • Helps with security concerns; emergency procedures/response.
  • Maintains budget-minded approach and recommends cost-effective solutions.
  • Creates monthly/bi-annual/annual to-do lists.
  • Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.



  • Passionate about working for and with farmed animals.
  • Keen interest in the animal welfare/rights movement is encouraged.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • Previous experience working around farmed animals.
  • Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions, including cold/wet weather and hot summers.
  • Moderate to Heavy Work:  Exerts 50lbs force or more regularly and 30lbs frequently. Standing, sitting, reaching, typing and walking are common, as well as the manual labor involved in the work described above.
  • Works well with a variety of people.
  • Strong communication and listening skills.
  • Familiarity with building codes.
  • Able to follow detailed instructions and meet time sensitive demands.
  • Able to learn and process new information quickly.
  • Team player and self-motivator.
  • Committed to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary’s mission and desire to be a part of the FCFS family
  • Willing to work on weekend/holidays/varying shift times.
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record (subject to verification).
  • Comfortable dealing politely with the general public.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in construction, property management or maintenance responsibilities.
  • Project Management experience is a plus.
  • The ideal candidate will reside within 30 miles of Warm Springs, GA or is willing to move prior to the start of the position.
  • College, technical/vocational education is desirable.
  • Ability to operate equipment such as tractors, and experience in pulling trailers.
  • Possesses sound oral and written communication skills as well as decision making skills.
  • Comfortable working with others in a professional manner and to lead/supervise others as needed.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with staff and guests of FCFS.
  • Possess the ability to set and adhere to deadlines, set priorities, and be flexible as things come up.
  • Possess the ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals.
  • Must possess computer skills that include the ability to navigate and use e-mail and Microsoft office.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who adhere to a vegan lifestyle.


About Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

Full Circle Farm Sanctuary (FCFS) is a 50 acre sanctuary located in Warm Springs Georgia that serves as a permanent safe haven for farmed animals.  In addition to providing a nurturing lifetime home for over 100 animals here at our sanctuary, we also network with other sanctuaries and animal advocates in efforts to help find loving forever homes for many more animals who need our help.  Likewise, through one-on-one interactions with our rescued animal resident ambassadors, along with community outreach and education, we strive to bring public perceptions of farmed animals full circle to embrace true compassion for all.

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