HappyCow’s blog is one of the most loved areas of the site! We wish for it to be a source of inspiration for anyone who aspires to become more compassionate along their journey, whether they are aspiring, new or existing vegans, by providing content that is fun, relatable, encouraging and informative.

While we do have a regular stream of content, we are always looking to diversify by collaborating with passionate community members. That’s where we could use your help! Are you great with words? Are you passionate about veganism? Do you want your piece of writing to reach a large audience? If your answers are yes to all of the above questions, you might be the guest blog writer that we are looking for!

What’s required:

  • Passion
  • A vast knowledge of veganism, plant-based food, and everything the lifestyle entails
  • Strong command over English grammar and vocabulary
  • Very good copywriting and research skills
  • Basic picture editing skills and sense of aesthetics (selecting, resizing, cropping, etc.)
  • Ability to produce original content that is on-brand, on-strategy, and delivered to the team on time

You will gain:

  • Professional experience working in collaboration with a team dedicated to promoting a vegan and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Exposure of your content. Your articles will contain credits, and will be promoted on our website and social media channels.


Content Writing, Editing, Marketing



Please take a look at some of our recent blog posts to get a sense of the format, approximate length, mood, grammar, and tone. That’s the style of writing that we are looking for.

If you have prior experience in writing, let us know why are you interested in being HappyCow’s guest blogger and please submit you written sample via the website ( https://hcblog.paperform.co/ ). If CANNOT receive the writing sample from you, we are NOT able to proceed your application further.

About HappyCow

About HappyCow

Since 1999, vegans & vegetarians around the world have depended on HappyCow as a survival tool for finding food options, and as a reliable space for community connection. The founder’s approach to running the platform with the utmost integrity, entirely as a labour of love, has shaped it into the highly authentic, trusted and cherished platform that it is today. The platform’s mission is to make plant-based food more easily accessible.

As the platform continues to evolve, HappyCow is much more than a food guide. Today, HappyCow is the no.1 online vegan community-based platform that connects like-minded individuals with one another to foster and cultivate compassion, togetherness and to enact positive change worldwide.

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