Moab Kitchen Head Chef Position

Looking for a passionate (highly organized and impeccably clean) 100% plant based chef to help run a 100% plant based, donation based, nonprofit food truck in the heart of Moab, Utah.

Contract Runs March 1 – November 21 (closed for July)

Compensation: base salary + variable compensation based on performance + assistance in finding affordable housing

Self motivated, highly organized, good communicator, impeccably clean, reliable
Passionate about organic, plant based food & community
Create Weekly menu depending upon what’s available for use from food donations & our gardens
Serve food during open times
Create delicious and easy to serve food items including drinks and weekly desserts
Harvest from gardens, when needed
Keep the truck clean and organized at all times
Responsible for cleaning own prep dishes and end of night truck dishes
Responsible for emptying truck grey water
Truck deep clean at the end of each week
Communicate and track spice and bulk item needs to communicate with the Kitchen Manager
Take food orders from guests
Occasionally direct and assign tasks to assistant cooks (during events or busier times)
Option for extra work and pay with Catering events

Please contact Moab Kitchen Manager, Caroline, with a resume and letter of intent.

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About Hearthspace Moab DBA Moab Kitchen

Moab Kitchen is a not-for-profit, 100% whole plant based food truck located in Moab, Utah, USA.

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