Position Overview

The #1 goal of HAP is to educate the Pittsburgh region on how to prevent and relieve animal suffering by taking meaningful action.  The HAP Director of Humane Education will focus on reaching young people in middle, high school, and university classrooms as an Humane Educator, and by connecting institutions with our team of Humane Educators.  Communicate what animals wish humans knew and what they need.  Our audience ranges in size from small groups to school-wide assemblies.

Purpose of the Position

  • Develop relationships with schools and universities to procure speaking engagements
  • Inspire the next generation to appreciate and protect animals
  • Provide Humane Educators with the tools to make healthy and effective change
  • Find new ways to reach students in the COVID era
  • Demonstrate why personal responsibility is required from all of us to end speciesism

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Have a reasonable level of expertise with HAP’s education programs on plastic pollution, animal protective legislation, and the benefits of a plant-strong lifestyle
  • Grow our team of HAP Humane Educators
  • Facilitate and create speaking opportunities for Humane Educators with local institutions
  • Reach every high school and university in the Pittsburgh area
  • Provide an overview of expectations to teachers or leaders in advance of the presentation
  • Respect school security policies
  • Ability to present yourself in a friendly, professional, and nonpartisan manner
  • Be timely; arrive early, allow for Q&A, and end on time
  • Provide your own transportation
  • Obtain honorarium for HAP when appropriate and provide tax forms to the institution
  • Give report at HAP monthly Director’s meetings
  • Attendance at general HAP meetings is highly encouraged
  • Respond to HAP leadership emails and calls within 48 hours
  • Be prepared and on time for meetings and events
  • Share and support HAP’s mission and core values; adhere to HAP’s policies
  • Other duties as needed

Training Requirements

Training on HAP’s values, policies, and core values, including orientation on campaign missions and status.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written
  • Ability to do independent research
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Operate a projector
  • Be familiar with PowerPoint presentations
  • Conduct a ZOOM video conference
  • Ability to energize and motivate our Humane Educators
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to present yourself in a friendly, professional, and nonpartisan manner
  • Ability to work independently, follow instructions, and meet deadlines
  • Working knowledge of Google Drive, Trello, and Dropbox, or a willingness to learn

Time Commitment Required

5 – 6 hours per month to allow for scheduling arrangements, preparation, travel time, and lecture

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Know that you are key to making a difference in the betterment of animals by educating the next generation on the importance of protecting animals
  • Take your passion for animal protection and put it into action
  • Experience the joy of giving young people the skills they need and desire to be an effective advocate
  • Be a valued HAP team member
  • Build your volunteer resume and develop excellent communication skills

What Volunteers Can Expect from HAP

  • Support of HAP leadership and members
  • Respect and appreciation for your contribution and input

About Humane Action Pittsburgh

Humane Action Pittsburgh is a group of nonpartisan citizens dedicated to advancing animal protection through education and action.

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